There are a several options for where to stay during your time in Cartagena, but we recommend staying in a condo at the Palmetto Building. This high-rise building directly on the beach in Boca Grande (the touristic strip along the beach), will be our home base for the week. This building is also the location of the after party, so it will be very easy to go down the elevator and find yourself safe and sound in your room!
The building is full of two-bedroom condos, which can sleep 4 to 5 in the beds, depending on the setup, and more with the pullout couch.
This building has a large pool on the third floor (with a waterfall!) and a little convenience store, and all of the condos have kitchenettes.
Check it out on booking.com. (But don’t book there!)  Because we are haggling directly with condo owners, we expect the cost to be around $70 USD per condo per night, and we may be able to haggle it down a little lower once we know how many condos we are reserving.
Because of this fact, we will need to book the rooms directly with the owner at the end of August.
When you RSVP, we’ll ask you for the following information about staying at Palmetto:
  • For how many days would you like to reserve, and which days?
  • Who do you plan to share a condo with (if anyone)?
  • Would you like us to help match you with someone to share a condo with?
Holiday Inn Express:
The other choice is the Holiday Inn Express, just a few blocks away from the condo building.  Lois & Bob stayed here during our first scouting trip, and absolutely loved it.  Great breakfast included, extremely comfy beds, and all the hospitality of an american hotel.   If you would like to stay here, you should reserve your room directly with the hotel and let us know that you do not want us to book you a condo.

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