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(The dome on the left belongs to our church, San Pedro Claver. The boat on the right, Phantom Galeon, is where we’ll head for a sunset cruise and wedding reception.)

Beginner’s guide to Cartagena

We’ll update this with more soon, but to get you started, take a read of Lonely Planet’s site on Cartagena!


We are planning to coordinate several activities for the folks who arrive a few days early!  Since tickets tend to be cheapest Wed-Tues, we’re assuming many will want to come for this timeline.  If so, we’re got a tentative list of ideas we’re kicking around.  (If you are coming just for the weekend, or would like to explore other parts of Colombia before/after the wedding, don’t worry about these activities!)

Tentative activities proposal:

Wednesday: Most folks arrive in the afternoon, get settled at condo/hotel, and we’ll grab dinner and drinks somewhere in the walled city (old town Cartagena), which is a quick cab ride from Boca Grande where we’ll be staying.

Thursday: Trolley city tour in the morning, exploration/dinner/drinks in the afternoon and evening

Friday: Morning: tour to el Totumo volcano for mud baths!

Afternoon: Most colombians arrive.  After they settle in, we’ll hit up the old city center for a mixed-team scavenger hunt, where guests from both sides will get to meet, explore, and break down language barriers!

Evening: TBD, but we’re looking for a way to get everyone together.  There may be dancing involved. There may be dancing lessons involved.

Saturday: The big day!

The ceremony starts at 2:30 at San Pedro Claver church in the historic center of Cartagena.

After the ceremony, you’ll be led by Cartagenian dancers and musicians to the Phantom Galeon–a retired pirate ship where we’ll spend most of the evening.  Following a cocktail hour, we’ll depart for a sunset cruise, then dock the boat, dine, and party!

Around 10:30, we’ll head back to Boca Grande to the 42nd floor of the Palmetto building (where most folks are staying) for the after party and Hora Loca, where we’ll have traditional Cartagenian dancers perform .  What is the Hora Loca, you ask?

La Hora Loca” or in English, “The Crazy Hour”.

It is a designated hour in the evening when the party goes into Carnaval mode. It is a high-energy part of the evening where the host or bride & groom hand out masks and beads and the DJ plays an upbeat set of Spanish music. It’s a party within a party. La Hora Loca can be considered like an After Party within the Party.


Sunday: Possible beach excursion.  There are some incredible beaches not too far outside Cartagena.

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  1. We already have our tickets! Doug and I will be arriving at about 3:00 and would like to stay at the condo. Don’t know if/with whom we will be sharing at this time.

    Best wedding invitation ever!

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